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Kim Seon Ho

Underneath that façade is a passionate hardworking side that makes them reliable and hardworking. Since no celebrities are exempt Kim Seon Ho too had to complete his service. Kim Seon Ho Han Ji Pyeong On Instagram You Smile I Melt Seonho Kim Edition Sensibility Seonho Kimm86 Seonho Ki In 2021 Kim Seon Ho Seon Korean Actors Kim demands around 30000 for a single. Kim Seon Ho . Kim Seon Ho Website. Kim Seon-ho is gaining a lot of attention for his role in the recent 2020 drama Start-Up He was previously known for his roles in the dramas Two Cops 100 Days My Prince and Strongest Deliveryman among others. Ever since the poster of the Korean drama was released netizens. Kim Seon Hos star is on the rise. Ajaib Sekuritas and Dominos in Korea and South East Asia. Deeply hurt he even. Kim Seon Ho in Start-Up. Kim Seon-ho added by saying he laughed a lot while filming the drama and was always happy. Kim Seon Ho released an apology regarding his past actions toward his ex-girl