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Haunted Chocolatier

Its so similar in fact that it looks like it. And instead of a farm being the focal point of your endeavors its a chocolate shop. Haunted House Truffle Collection 10 Pc Haunted Gingerbread House Halloween Truffles Halloween Hacks However in a FAQ Barone said there will be some substantial differences particularly when it comes to gameplay. Haunted Chocolatier . Stardew Valley maker Eric Barone has revealed his next game ConcernedApes Haunted Chocolatier. Haunted Chocolatier does sound and look a lot like Stardew at first take. Haunted Chocolatier is in development. In ConcernedApes Haunted Chocolatier players will take on the job of a chocolate maker living in a haunted castleThroughout the game players will have to collect ingredients make chocolate. Stardew Valley creator Eric ConcernedApe Barone has announced his next game. Haunted Chocolatier is more of an action-RPG compared to Stardew Valley. 1 day agoHaunted Chocolatier is an RPGsimulation game where you wil