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Marathon motor/lube oils: 0165mar019: performance series motor oil: 0165mar019 label: ™ grease: 0196mar019 label: 0259mar019: maratrac(tm) lt grease. Marathon strives to bring you quality, dependable products with our performance series lubricants and motor oil. learn how real customers feel about our products and see how marathon lubricants can keep your vehicles marathon motor grease in peak condition.

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Good electric motor grease: viscosity:oil viscosity should be appropriate for the load and speed of the application at operating tempera-ture. this will help to insure maximum protection and component life. the typical mineral oil viscosity in an electric motor grease is in the range of 500 to 600 sus at 100°f. Marathon motors. 1,667 products found. view all. search within results. 2 hp jet pump motor, 3-phase, 3450 nameplate rpm, 208-230/460 voltage, 56j frame. Marathon petroleum multipowero-3 ultra synthetic sae 5w-40 motor oil label marathon petroleum performance series synthetic blend motor oil marathon petroleum full synthetic 75w-90 nea.

With the motor running, pump fresh grease into the bearing while observing the old grease that is being forced out of the grease drain. when the purged grease looks fresh, stop pumping. run the motor for at least 20 minutes to purge any excess grease and then replace the drain plug. Marathon petroleum is happy to offer its safety data sheets and labels for your viewing. click here to review various marathon motor grease safety data sheets for western refining, marathon petroleum, tesoro, and st. paul’s park. More marathon motor grease images. The marathon ® brand was founded on a single washing machine motor with a simple brand promise: “produce the most efficient and long-lasting motors. ” today, the marathon motor line of products provide high quality, ultra efficient solutions for 100s of industries.

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Electric motor bearings. grease lubrication grease is frequently used as an marathon motor grease electric motor bearing lubricant because of its simplicity of application and unique characteristics. the primary functions of an electric motor bearing grease are to: reduce friction and prevent wear protect bearings against corrosion act as a seal to prevent entry of. Grease the bearing with a calculated amount of grease. slowly add grease to minimize excessive pressure buildup in the grease cavity. watch for grease coming out the relief port. if excessive amounts of grease are pumped into the motor and the old, used grease is not being purged, stop and check for hardened grease blocking the relief passage.

Marathon ma-o-oil series oil burner motor, ball bearing, 10. 84 inch l x 7. 54 inch h, continuous duty, drip proof enclosure, 48nz frame, steel frame, 60 hz, 7. 4a at 115v, 3. 5 3. 7a at 208 230v full load, 1/2 hp, class b insulation, kva code: l, n-flange footless mount, 1-phase, 0. 37kw, selective counter-clockwise rotation, service factor: 1, 0. 45 inch shaft dia, 1. 175 inch shaft length. Electric motor bearing greasing requires the motor to be de-energized during the procedure. the result is reduced risk of excess marathon motor grease grease entering the electric motor stator, due to couetti flow, and reduced viscosity, due to heat. combined with safety issues, proper lubrication can maintain the electric motor reliability. Marathon motor/lube oils: 0165mar019: performance series motor oil: 0165mar019 label: 0324mar019: performance series synthetic motor oil: 0324mar019 label: 0327mar019: performance series synthetic blend motor oil: 0327mar019 label: 0164mar019: vep heavy duty motor oil: 0164mar019 label: 0366mar019: multipower-3 elite 15w40 motor oil: 0366mar019. When your motor is operating within the correct voltage tolerances, service factor (sf) represents the percentage of overloading the motor can handle for short periods. sf allows cooler winding temperatures at rated load, protects against intermittent heat increases, and helps you estimate horsepower requirements.

Safety Data Sheets Marathon Petroleum Operations
Safety Data Sheets Marathon Petroleum Operations

The motor end marathon motor grease bell was removed and the motor bearings and grease cavity were packed 100 percent full of the test grease for all test conditions to increase the severity of the test. the end bell was carefully reassembled and then a predetermined amount of grease, based on the bearing dimensions, was slowly added to the bearing housing. Oil well pump motors provide high-slip and high-starting torque required by heavy oil-drilling operations. pool and spa pump motors circulate and filter water to help keep swimming pools clean. pressure washer motors resist corrosion and can be used in applications where the pump is moving hot or cold water at high pressures. Vintage marathon products 5 gallon motor oil can. $25. 00 1d 16h +$106. 24 shipping. make offer vintage marathon products 5 gallon motor oil can. vintage marathon oil co porcelain gas service station gasoline pump plate sign. $133. 87 +$10. 00 shipping.

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