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A great way to host a harry potter marathon is to have a sleepover party, since all the harry potter movies add up to about 20 hours. you could also split your marathon into 2 days, or just choose a few of your favorite movies. additionally, schedule break-time activities, such as pretend dueling or potterverse pictionary in between movies. One evening, patton felt like he wanted to have a film marathon, and that means harry potter. by 9:00pm all the roommates were in the living room, and ready to begin. patton and logan, having arrived first, decided to occupy one couch, leaving the other for roman and virgil. when they finished setting up “philosopher’s stone” patton exclaimed. Pairing: drarry (draco malfoy x harry potter) the incredible race by cheryl dyson (4) harry potter and draco malfoy, aurors, are forced to join a televised global race in order to provide some free positive publicity for the ministry, despite the fact that aurors potter and malfoy don’t exactly get along.

Sep 19, 2019 harry potter movie marathon halloween themed🎥🍿🎃 harrypotter harrypottermovies fort cozy halloween halloweenmovies couples datenight. Read harry potter marathon during quarantine from marathon harry potter fanfiction the story babysitter’s by starlightmoon1100 (lunarmalfoy) with 85 reads. 8thyear, truce, dracomalfoy. i’m ha.

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Fanfiction is something that a lot of us wish we could write, and harry potter has a massive fanfiction following. if you want to join the community of harry potter fanfiction writers but don’t quite know how, you’re in the right place!. Fanfiction unleash this is the last chapter of marathon. i thank everyone who’s read this far, and i hope that you enjoy the ending. for that matter, it hadn’t been simple persuading pansy parkinson or theodore nott to let their children visit harry potter. harry suspected they’d only given in because al had been in slytherin for the. Books harry potter. follow/fav marathon. by: lomonaaeren. hpdm slash, epilogue compliant. harry’s life has become an endurance run, through the remnants of his stressful divorce, his strained relationships with his children, and his increasingly complicated job. but what might make things more complicated than the rest of it is what happens.

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Marathon Harry Potter Fanfiction

“too bad,” annabeth said, sitting down on a big plush chair. “hazel needs to experience the world of harry potter. ” jason sighed and made room for piper, who was carrying buckets of heavily buttered, blue, popcorn. she sat down and handed one to annabeth and one to hazel. “thanks,” hazel spoke up from her mound of pillows. Title: marathon disclaimer: j. k. rowling and associates own these characters. i am writing this story for fun and not profit. warnings: angst, some mild violence, epilogue-compliant pairings: harry/draco, past harry/ginny and draco/astoria rating: r summary: harry’s life has become an endurance run, through the remnants of his stressful divorce, his strained relationships with his children. Harry’s life has become an endurance run, through the remnants of his stressful divorce, his strained relationships with his children, and his increasingly complicated job. but what might make things more complicated than the rest of it is what happens when he saves scorpius malfoy’s life, and draco malfoy insists on assuming the life debt.

Harrypotter and severus snape nonslash stories! ss&hp gen only (no ss/hp slash). father and son, teacher, apprentice, mentor, guardian, comrades, enemies, healing, canon, deaging, adoption, sevitus (biological father snape), severitus challenge, and family stories. Marathon. chapter one—the saving of him “that’s it,” said ginny’s solicitor, leaning back in his chair and beaming at both of them. “you are now officially divorced. marathon harry potter fanfiction ” harry sighed in relief, rubbing his temple, and then winced when he saw the way ginny glared at him.

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Fanfic: harrypotter and the sword of gryffindor ch 1, harry potter.

Harry held his wrist-bell out and read the letters printing out on the silver scroll. another murder. same method as the madam malkin’s one. corner of diagon alley and knockturn alley. auror potter to report. harry cursed softly under his breath and flung himself out of bed. 27-03-2020 udforsk opslagstavlen “harry potter” tilhørende mette thestrup på pinterest. se flere idéer til harry potter, harry potter fanfiction, harry potter kostumer. There are currently more than half a million works of harry potter fan fiction out there — and that’s only counting the two most popular sites, fanfiction. net and archive of our own,. To celebrate usa network playing all eight harry potter films, along with fantastic beasts, during the festive season, here are a few (hopefully) handy tips to help you orchestrate the perfect binge-watching weekend.. dress for success. first things first. a movie marathon is all about staying comfortable. pyjamas are a must, preferably in your house colours for those tense house cup moments.

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Harry, ron, and hermione risk their lives for malfoy in harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 as the duel in the room of requirement escalates, a fiery blaze cast by goyle entraps malfoy and his fellow slytherins. Harry potter marathon date night! fall has once again blown in and with the leaves falling, the apples crisp, the breeze getting a marathon harry potter fanfiction little more brisk every day, we all know that halloween is just around the corner! we’re not sure if it is just us, but when we think of halloween we think of witches, and when we think of witches we think of everyone’s.

Harry’s twin sister, kylie, is three minutes younger than harry, like he would ever let her forget. she is quite the flirt and nearly every guy in her year marathon harry potter fanfiction has a crush on her. but draco malfoy, above all, will do whatever it takes to get her. kylie has been nicknamed many things. she self dubbed her. This story is about the sexual awakening of harry potter during 3rd year and encounters with several of his classmates, mostly older ones like his fellow quidditch players, but with colin too, and at least one minor oc. Books: harry potter fanfiction archive with over 821,220 stories. come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Harrypotterfanfiction. com is an archive of harry potter fanfiction stories of all types and no restrictions. come read, write, and explore our site.

3. double or nothing by calico. harry potter/n*sync crossover sexy fanfiction. you probably never expected to see those words together, but calico has a way better imagination than you. I was curious to see how it would be received as a fanfic, so i converted some of my ocs to harry potter characters. harry potter and the half-arsed tournament by marathon_zack_140_6 fandoms: harry potter j. k. rowling teen and up audiences; no archive warnings apply harry potter and the cursed child thorne & rowling (8) marathon harry potter fanfiction buffy the.