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Led Downlight Zigbee

To take the full advantage of the zemismart rgb downlight will need some sort of zigbee gateway. personally, i’m working with cc2531 usb zigbee sniffer, but you can get a more consumer-friendly (albeit more expensive) solution. controling zemismart rgb led zigbee downlight. the associated app is very basic. Smart led downlight 53166161 is a retrofit light fixture designed under zigbee ha1. 2. 1 protocol. the downlight is compatible with wink hub and wink app, you  . The halo rl4 zigbee smart led downlight is a wireless, app-controlled light fixture that replaces a 60w incandescent light bulb and trim. emitting 585-lumen (light output) and only using 8 watts of electricity, use of the rl4 zigbee will save you up to $345 in energy savings over the life of the fixture. it's so great, energy star has certified it. Thus, most of the lighting oems and integrators are witnessing a shortage of electronic components such as chips and led drivers and the zigbee alliance are trying to standa